Social Media Secrets Few Know FB LIVE

Hey everybody Keith Wright Century 21 Portland Oregon and you can find me at Thank you for attending, and push the like and love buttons please. This is going to be 5+ minutes Today’s topic we are going CRAZY Crazy deep into social media and I’m sharing some...

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Why Your Social Media isn’t Working-FB LIVE

Secrets of Social Media 1 from Facebook LIVE Hey, We are going to be talking about why your online marketing initiative isn’t working. Thanks for watching and please push the Like button thru out the presentation if you like what Im saying. This is going to be...

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My Story about my Fight and Cancer

MY STORY. My family, especially my wife, my trusted advisors and Coach T & Amy at Westside Fitness have known this since day one but I asked them to keep it quiet until now. Many know I had successful back surgery 12 weeks ago. There is ALWAYS more to the story...

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Spotlighting Grant Page Power Plus Electric

Watch Our Video Spotlight: New to Beaverton Area Chamber of CommerceGrant Page owner of Power Plus Electric talks about his company and you can clearly see and hear why he is successful. Great work and Great Attitude Grant! If you would like us to Spotlight your...

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Sabrina Hodges-Farmers Insurance

Keith: Hello everybody. Keith Wright, Century 21, Portland, Oregon. Today we are spotlighting Farmer’s Insurance and I’m here with Sabrina Hodges. Sabrina, tell us a little bit about your business. Sabrina: We got started in this a couple years ago because...

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How To Have a MEGA Open House FaceBook LIVE

Hello everyone I’m Keith Wright Century 21 Portland Oregon, for the next few minutes I’m going to share with you how to get 1 to 2 buyers at every open house. There are so many things we can do to have successful open houses. Post any questions you have in the notes...

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How Super Successful People Utilize Quiet Time

How Super Successful People Utilize Quiet Time. Hello everyone I’m Keith Wright President and CEO at CENTURY 21 Wright in Portland, Or. You can find me at my video blog I’ve been in real estate for over 21 years and I love it, it is fascinating to be in...

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Position Yourself on the Internet

How to Position Yourself on the Internet. We are in the most opportune time in the history of real estate. The boundaries are limitless and the marketing is next to free. Today’s consumer is done being talked at. The loudest marketer no longer wins-the consumer...

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Life Balance Choice Managament

Life Balance Choice Management Hello I’m Keith Wright CENTURY 21 Wright & Associates in Portland Oregon. I coach and talk with real estate agents everyday and I would have to say the number 1 challenge they have and we all have is balance.We have such a...

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Westside Fit Camp Invitation

Westside Fit Camp Invitation Hi everyone, my name is Keith Wright and I want to give a short shout out to Westside Fitness in Hillsboro I have been working out for many years regularly at the gym and I added Westside Fit camp only 2 months ago. It really opened my...

read more Top 10 Rules Top 10 Rules My Personal Top list Be kinder to everyone, you never know what battles they are fighting. Work through the pain, do it anyway, applies to all things, mental, physical, spiritual, work & play. Worry less what other people think-life becomes...

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Your Best Year Ever Part 2

Your Best Year Ever Part 2 Hello Everyone Keith Wright century 21 Portland Oregon, you can find me at The next 90 seconds I’m going to share with you part 2 of How to have your best year ever. First: is Knowledge-You need to know what to so a suggestion...

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How to Make this Your Best Year Ever

Next 90 seconds I’m going share Part 1 to 3 Tips How To Make This Year Your Best Ever Hi everyone, Keith Wright CENTURY 21, Portland, Oregon you can find me at Next 90 seconds going share Part 1 to 3 Tips How to make this year your best ever There...

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Millionaire Mindset

  Millionaire Mindset Hello I’m Keith Wright CENTURY 21 Oregon you can find me at Millionaire Mindset The next 90 seconds I’m going to share 3 things with you what I’ve learned about successful multi-millionaires. It may surprise you but I have the...

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Ask the Right Client Questions

Ask the Right Client Questions Hello I’m Keith Wright CENTURY 21 Oregon and you can find me at Today I’m talking about Asking More Questions. My coach is regularly reminding me to ask the right questions and ask more of the right questions. In fact he...

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Whats Your Digital Body Language

Whats Your Digital Body Language. Hello, I’m Keith Wright, Century 21 Wright in Portland Oregon find me at What is your digital body language? Most CEO’s and business owners will say I have no idea. Let me just be blunt with you. The game has changed in the...

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Is Your Ship Sinking

Is Your Ship Sinking Is Your Ship Sinking is the title today. Hello everyone Keith Wright CENTURY  21 Wright and Associates in Portland Oregon. This week Carol my wife and I are in southern California and we are down here to learn from some of the best brokers and...

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