What a Business Relationship is NOT!- FB LIVE

Topic: What Business Relationships are NOT! Hello Everyone. Keith Wright CENTURY 21 Wright here in Beaverton, Oregon, also the home of Nike World Headquarters. This information applies to all business owners and any salesperson, not just realtors. Let me tell you a...

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NO Resolutions- FB LIVE

This short video topic is “NO Resolutions” Today I have just a few things for you. 1. Throughout history there is success story after story of problems and challenges that we humans were able to solve but only after many, many years of thinking on it. So, my one...

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100 Strong Purse Drive Donations!

Today we presented over 30 purses and an abundance of toiletries for the 100 Strong Purse Drive to Lyndsey Lanphere of Lanphere Enterprises from what our office and agents have brought into us over the past month! Century 21 Wright & Assoc. has collected over 70...

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Protect Your Clients from HOA Lawsuits FB Live

Bonus Material-CRC REPORT-101 Final PDF Today’s topic is Forensic Analysis of HOAs or the Home Owners Associations. Now, I know how we handle HOA every month and I thought we have it covered… until I heard the many local lawsuit stories. I had no idea the...

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BOLD Real Estate Predictions for 2017- FB Live

Final BOLD Real Estate Predictions for 2017 At our sales meeting last week we attended a very good LIVE webinar. It was a kind of a “State of the Union” presentation. I heard many good things and it reminded me of a number of things I’m going to share right now....

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How To GIVE Good Presentations & WIN! FB LIVE

BONUS MATERIAL: Video with Scripts and Dialog for “Asking for Referral” at the bottom of this page. Hello Everyone, Today’s topic “How To GIVE Good Presentations & WIN!” These principles and strategies apply to any type of business. This is...

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Volunteering Sucks- FB LIVE

Topic: Volunteering SUCKS Hello Everyone, Did I get your attention with the Heading???? Let me explain, I have a friend on the east coast who just yesterday shared with me that he tested three headlines on Facebook using the ads manager. This headline, last...

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How to Have a Healthy Self Image-FB LIVE

Today’s topic is going to be short and to the point. We are talking about “How to have a healthy self-image”. In life we all are going to come up against difficult situations and as I’ve discovered this year often in those situations we are in...

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The “Wright” Way to Ask for a Referral-FB LIVE

The “Wright” Way to Ask for a Referral. The topic today is “Why do people move and how to specifically ask for referrals”.  For realtors it could be how to deliver Market statistics to your customers.” Secondly, when I say “the right way” I’m referring to...

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Unexpected Extras-FB LIVE

Today’s Topic is “Doing the unexpected extras.” This is around 5 minutes. Today we are going to focus on the the unexpected extras. You’ve heard the phrase “it’s the little things that count” it’s absolutely true; those little things are the unexpected extras....

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Why Use Video in Your Business FB LIVE

LINKS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE!!!! Welcome Everyone The topic today is How and Why to use Video in your business. This is going to be about 3 minutes Why Video??? Everyones online 2 billion people are active on Face Book 1 billion people are active on YouTube...

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Realtor Skydives Oregon 911

This was a bucket list item for me. It just happened to fall on 911 for us and we decided we wanted to show respect for not just the families and friends of that terrible day and the first responders but continue to show support for all of our service men, women and...

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Do 1 Million a Month in Real Estate Sales-FB LIVE

OK, this is going to be fast and furious for the next 3 minutes or so. I’m going to share with you 5 market proven and market tested strategies that work and have worked very well recently. The last tip will be that million dollar strategy that we repeat over and over...

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Social Media Secrets Few Know FB LIVE

Hey everybody Keith Wright Century 21 Portland Oregon and you can find me at mrC21.com Thank you for attending, and push the like and love buttons please. This is going to be 5+ minutes Today’s topic we are going CRAZY Crazy deep into social media and I’m sharing some...

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Why Your Social Media isn’t Working-FB LIVE

Secrets of Social Media 1 from Facebook LIVE Hey, We are going to be talking about why your online marketing initiative isn’t working. Thanks for watching and please push the Like button thru out the presentation if you like what Im saying. This is going to be...

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My Story about my Fight and Cancer

MY STORY. My family, especially my wife, my trusted advisors and Coach T & Amy at Westside Fitness have known this since day one but I asked them to keep it quiet until now. Many know I had successful back surgery 12 weeks ago. There is ALWAYS more to the story...

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Spotlighting Grant Page Power Plus Electric

Watch Our Video Spotlight: New to Beaverton Area Chamber of CommerceGrant Page owner of Power Plus Electric talks about his company and you can clearly see and hear why he is successful. Great work and Great Attitude Grant! If you would like us to Spotlight your...

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Sabrina Hodges-Farmers Insurance

Keith: Hello everybody. Keith Wright, Century 21, Portland, Oregon. Today we are spotlighting Farmer’s Insurance and I’m here with Sabrina Hodges. Sabrina, tell us a little bit about your business. Sabrina: We got started in this a couple years ago because...

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